I am a builder & entrepreneur. I believe in the power of innovation. I graduated Computer Science and Statistics from Ludwig-Maximilans-Universität, Munich (top 2 German University), and contributed to AI research alongside amazing researchers.

I love sports, challenges and am hungry for knowledge and deep thought.

Some things I believe and guide myself by:

  • Life is a positive-sum game. If anyone starts making a point which stands on a negative-sum game principle, they are instantly wrong. Maybe not fully wrong, but they are definetely not right.
  • Deep thought and deep work feel to me like modern interpretations of Eastern philosophies—being in the present moment, aware, and not chasing the next dopamine shot anymore.
  • To win in life (a.k.a. to be free and happy), you need to apply the few-shot learning process. This is the way towards excellence, innovation, creativity, meaningful relationships, winning, and also a lot of money (if that's what you want). Zero-shot learning is the culprit of so many problems and self-imposed limitations.
  • To be in the 1% requires a simple plan, which is extremely hard to execute. Do the boring (and hard) stuff over and over again. And truly do them (aka be present). That's it. And then you'll see how you start separating yourself from the pack until one day you will be miles ahead.
  • There is much more that we do not know than what we know. And this is not often spoken about, as we evolved & built around us frameworks that give us the feeling of certainty. In my world, deep meditation & introspection are tools for exploration, observation and creativity.
  • Be kind, be humble, be grateful. Every day.